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US Fiancee Visa and What You Need to Know About It

In this US fiancee visa, we will discuss the topic of marriage to a US citizen. It is always best to get married to a foreign national in USA. Getting the US fiancee visa is a complex procedure and raises many questions. We will try to explain many issues that surround this topic.

If the marriage occurs in USA, then a foreign-born spouse can live with a US citizen spouse without having to return to the homeland. You have to file a Green Card petition to make sure your spouse is living with you legally. It usually takes longer for US Citizenship and Immigration Services to process a Green Card petition that was filed in USA than it takes for a U.S. Consulate to process the same petition abroad. Nevertheless, you will already be living with your loved one.

If the marriage takes place abroad, then a US citizen spouse would have to return to USA to wait till a foreign-born spouse can join him. In some circumstances, it may take more than one year to wait for reunion. To marry a foreign national in USA, you will need to bring your fiancée into the country. This is done through applying for the US fiancée visa or K-1 visa. The visa for children of fiancée is called K-2. You must marry your fiancée within ninety days from the date of entry.

Getting the US fiancee visa for your loved one should be your top priority. If your future spouse will enter the country on some other nonimmigrant visa, such as B-2, the federal agency will strictly scrutinize your marriage. It may either deny entry or order deportation proceeding. Therefore, always apply for the US fiancée visa if you want your future spouse to stay permanently in the country.

There is also a V visa. If you have a Green Card, you can bring your spouse into USA. V-1 is issued to your spouse. V-2 is issued to your children who live abroad. Your spouse and your children might be able to work in the country. Adults and children under eleven years old who have this visa will have ten years for many requests to enter the country.

We can file all necessary paperwork on your behalf to make sure that you will reunite with your fiancée as soon as possible. Immigration law is a complex area of law. New changes in US Immigration Laws take place constantly. Even the Immigration and Naturalization Service no longer exist. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services took its place recently.

When it comes to bringing your loved ones into the USA on US fiancee visa or any other visa, you do not want to leave it to chance. You will need to make sure that all paperwork has been done correctly. Improper filing may cause delays in processing your request. We can lessen these worries by offering our legal service at competitive prices.

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