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Why Us?

Choosing a US Immigration Lawyer?

When thinking about which US immigration lawyer to contact with your legal needs, please consider these reasons:

* We specialize in helping people ONLINE.

No need to leave home! No need to be fully dressed! A US immigration lawyer is only one click away.

* Every member of our staff has a GLOBAL experience in dealing with clients.

We helped clients as far as the former Soviet Union in the past. There are no boundaries for us.

* Our law practice is limited to US Immigration Laws only.

Many legal service providers take cases across many different areas of law. This almost always means they know very little about everything. We will only consider hiring a lawyer who concentrated in US Immigration Laws.

* Although our headquaters are located in one of the most prestigious addresses in Chicago (150 N. Michigan Ave.), we ALWAYS charge reasonable and competitive fees for our legal service.

We never "create" billable hours. You are charged for work actually done. You even get a flat fee in the beginning to know how much our service will cost to you.

* We agreed to abide by all PAYPAL's policies to provide you with extra protection online.

This means you are 100% secure when contacting us.

* Although our company is truly global and international in nature, we are registered with a State of Illinois.

* We have the most efficient e-support.

* We work on your case right away because we understand time is always a big issue in immigration.

* We have one of the most functional websites on internet.

Go to other websites and compare with our website. They might look fancy, but they are confusing. Our site is very simple, functional, and easily navigational.

and most importantly, we NEVER forget you exist the same way many legal service providers do...

Hiring a US immigration lawyer is an important decision. It should not solely based on any advertisement. However, taking all these reasons into consideration has now made this process a bit easier.

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