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Introduction to US Student Visa: F1, M1

In this US student visa section, we will explore how you can come to the United States of America to attend educational institutions. There are two visas available in this category. You need F1 visa to get a degree or to get a credit from an American institution. You will need M1 visa if you will come to the country to participate in vocational studies.

To enter the country on a US student visa, you will need to show that you can support yourself financially. It means that you have or will have satisfactory financial means to pay your living expenses and your tuition. Also, you need to meet an English requirement. You should have a sufficient knowledge of English language or the school you will attend will provide you with English courses. This requirement will not apply to you if you will enter the United States to learn English.

There are limits that come with US student visas. While you can work on-campus, you cannot have any job off-campus. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services may allow you to work after one year of study. Your family members cannot work if they come with you to the United States. F1 visa is for attending higher education institutions. However, you can attend public high school if you show you paid in advance for education. Few F1 visa students attend public high schools because the attendance cannot exceed twelve months. It is unreasonable to expect anyone to get a high school education in this limited time.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services have a valid concern that you might decide to stay in the country once you get educated. The agency needs you and all members who will come with you to the United States to show that you will return to your native country. Showing that you have family ties in your country can lessen these concerns.

Some foreign students find a way to stay in the United States even after completing their studies. They get an employment offer, and they change status of their US student visa. They go from having F1 visa to having H1B visa. With H1B, they can apply for a Legal Permanent Residency. US Immigration lawyers see a few of these cases regularly.

It is easier to get an employment offer in the field of study where there is a current shortage of professionals. Many science fields belong to this category. However, it is still possible to see a former F1 visa student working in various capacities for a state government.

While there are a few foreign students who come to the United States on F1 visa in their hopes of staying in the country permanently, many foreign students want to receive an American education to improve their opportunities in their homeland. It is common to find foreign students in US business and law schools. Nevertheless, many foreign students who entered the country on this US student visa pursue education that deals with science and technology.

Whatever your reason for coming to the United States, you should know there are ways to enter the country legally without violating any US immigration laws. We are here to help you with paperwork if you will ever need our help.

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