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Have US work visa, US business visa questions that relate to our service? Here are our answers...

In this us work visa section, we will provide you with our answers to various questions that you may have about getting our service. If you still have your us work visa questions or any other immigration questions, please check other sections of this site for answers.

I) We get to your case as soon as we receive all documents from you that are necessary for filing petitions. Generally, filing us citizenship application and green card application on your behalf is faster than applying for or extending your us work visa. We do know that time is of essence to you, and we deliver a quality service in the shortest time possible.

II) You should schedule a phone consultation with an immigration lawyer first. You can do so in Order Our Service section. If we think that we can help you, we will let you know our price for this legal service. If it is acceptable to you, we will send you our Paypal payment invoice to pay. After you pay this invoice promptly, you should fax us or mail us copies of all necessary documents that we need for filing a petition or application on your behalf. We also request that you scan your documents to us before your consultation takes place. That way, our immigration lawyer will understand better your case.

III) Yes, your money will be refunded to you when we have a difficulty filing a petition or application on your behalf. This difficulty in filing arises when we cannot file this petition or application for any reason. Please see our Refund section for more specific details.

IV) We can apply and extend your us work visa, us student visa, us business visa, and us fiancée visa. We can apply for us citizenship, green card, and Canadian citizenship on your behalf. Any us immigration service that involves paperwork, we can do for you.

V) There are many reasons why you should us our work visa, us business visa, or any other citizenship service. We provide a quality legal service that is quick and result-oriented. We offer competitive prices for all our services and have always accessible e-mail support. We specialize in providing this service online, and we limit our law practice to international law practice.

VI) We prefer to accept payment by credit card. Under certain circumstances, such as not having a credit card, we may accept money orders, personal checks, ceritified and cashier’s checks. All personal checks have to be cleared frist before any legal service is rendered.

VII) Paying for our us work visa service or any other service we offer is 100% secure. It is risk-free to you. We use a world credit card processing company Paypal to process your credit card. Whenever you are paying through Paypal, you are protected by this credit card processing company’s protection policies. We are a Paypal’s verified merchant, and we have done business online for a few years.

VIII) We do provide efficient customer support. When you become our client, please feel free to email us any legal questions that you might have about us work visa, us business visa, or any other legal service we are providing. Otherwise, you are free to ask any general questions you might have about our service. Please check this site for the answers first.

IX) You should schedule a phone consultation with us first by going to our Order Our Service section. Prior to your consultation, please scan us your documents. You are free to let us know your preffered times for consultation.

This information ends this section. If you would like to know more about our us work visa, us business visa, or any other legal service we offer, please come back to this website to see new updates soon.

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