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Immigration in Canada Today

In this immigration in Canada section, we will discuss all easy ways to immigrate to the country. There are thousands of people who prefer to immigrate to Canada over any other country in the world. The country is prosperous and has many job opportunities. The main reason for prosperity is because Canada takes a neutral position on many political issues and is never involved in any world armed conflict.

The second reason is its smart immigration policies. Immigration in Canada is restricted to those who can contribute the most to its economy. For example, it is easy to become a permanent legal resident if a person is a business investor and invests regularly in its economy. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada officially states that it allows people to immigrate to the country if people can be self-supporting.

Nevertheless, the country’ economic interests are in stake. It lists different occupations that it will “take” for immigration. These occupations are those the country has the shortage of workers in. For example, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada states that if a person has works as an optometrist, he or she might be able to become a permanent legal resident. If you check recent job statistics, you see the country has a critical need for optometrists.

Immigration in Canada will continue to grow in the next decade. However, this growth will be slow. It is hard to find people who can fulfill the country’s critical shortage of professionals. You can enter Canada as a skilled worker if you fulfill three requirements:

* You must meet minimum work experience requirements

* You must have proof of funds

* You must have language skills

You should have at least one year of full-time work experience in the category of Skill Level A, B, or O on the Canadian National Occupational Classification. We can summarize quickly all these occupations by saying that you need to be educated to fit into one of these categories. Your education should be advanced. That is, you should have more than a college degree to qualify for most occupations on that list. Lastly, you are in luck if you have a science background or a technological background.

What are some of those occupations on that list? Aerospace engineers, architects, aquaculture operators and managers, bookkeepers, biologists, optometrists, opticians, occupational therapists are some of those “critical need” occupations.

There are exceptions even to these high-education occupations. Canada needs bakers and athletes too. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada has a well-developed system for deciding if you are qualified or not. Immigration in Canada is a well-structured and organized process. Canada’s economic growth is dependent on its immigrants. To reassure this growth in the future, the immigration department will continue to shape its immigration policies in the future.

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