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Please note that ordering a legal service from us is secure and risk-free. We use a world credit card processing company Paypal to process credit cards. You are covered by this credit card processing company's protection policies to make sure that you get the service when you purchase it. We are a Paypal's verified merchant.

We tried to make our ordering process easy and fast for you. Now, you can order it almost from any country in the world. ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ARE ACCEPTED.

"I came to US and got married. My daughter was still in Germany. You reunited us recently. She will attend middle school in Boston soon."

Lora J.

Boston, USA

"I came to you because of my friend while I was in Chicago area. He wanted to become a US citizen. As you remember he had several problems...You prepared him for interview at immigration office. He was granted American citizenship. Too bad you were not there for ceremony."

Anil S.

Los Angeles, USA

"I needed my son to come over from Russia. I did not know how to do it myself. Thank you for guiding me through the process."

Vera D.

Orlando, FL

Please note for all our service that is listed in our Payments section of this site, you can pay in the following way:

1) The first half payment will be paid when we take your case. You are responsible to pay US Citizenshiip and Immigration agency fees.

2) The final half payment will be paid before your prepared case will be sent out to appropriate immigration agency.

All other payment arrangements can be made after you speak to us.

Please click on Pay Now logo to make a payment for immigration consultation. Our consultation costs $ 100. It will be deducted from a payment for our legal service to you.

Please note every consultation that we give is NO OBLIGATION to you. You can ask various questions up to one hour.

Any information that you will share with us can never be shared with any third party. We usually use this information to advice you.

1002 Montrose Avenue # 183 Chicago, IL 60613

Online International Service is run by Mark Clay, Esq. Admitted to the Bar of Wisconsin and CNMI, Mr. Clay is licensed to practice US Immigration Laws in all 50 states and across the world. Mr. Clay has years of experience in handling all immigration cases across the world.

We are authorized by federal law to practice US Immigration Laws in all fifty states. We handle US immigration cases all across the world.

ATTENTION! If you live in a country that our online credit card processing company does not take credit cards from, you can still order our legal service instanteniously. WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFERS ARE ACCEPTED! Your consultation can be scheduled within one business day if you choose to use Western Union. Find your local Western Union location and contact us for the payment information.

Click here to find a Western Union agent near you.


* Postal money orders drawn in USA currency are accepted.

* The above payment options are only available to those who live in countries that our online credit card processing company does take credit cards from.

* Four additional dollars that is indicated on your payment form is what approximately our online credit card company charges us for processing credit cards. They are being added to your total.

* Full refund minus initial consultation ($ 100) is issued when either we decline to take your case after examining it or when you decline our service before any work is done.

Partial refund is issued when you decline our service after some work has been done. Partial refund is being assessed according to our hourly fees.

Once immigration documents are being fully prepared, no refund will be issued.

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