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In this Canada to US Immigration section, we will look at ever- increasing trend of Canadians who would like to immigrate to USA. Since a US economy still has many job opportunities for qualified individuals, many people from Canada would like to apply for them too.

Please note although the subject of Canada to US immigration is what we are discussing here, many parts of this article can apply to people from other countries as well.

Perhaps, the most advantage of a US employment is its unlimited income. In USA, many jobs have a better pay than the same jobs in Canada. Moreover, the rate at which one might get promoted in USA makes it appealing for foreigners to apply for US employment.

Many professionals wrongfully assume that H1B is probably the only work visa available to them. This cannot be further from the truth. Under NAFTA, people from Canada who qualify for H1B also qualify for a TN category.

What is the difference between H1B and TN?

There are many differences...

H1B is a work visa. TN is a category. TN is not a visa in a sense that no paper work is required when a person is about to enter USA if he or she meets minimum qualifications for a job. TN is reservered for Canadians and Mexicans. On the other hand, H1B is reserved for people from all over the world.

The customs official will look at two primary factors in deciding whether to let you through or not. The first one will be your job title. You job title has to match the one in a TN category. The second factor is whether you have minimum skills to perform a job. In another words, your previous job descriptions have to match your job description in USA. If they do not match, you are not qualified under a TN category.

If you qualify under a TN category, it does not mean we can discuss immigration from Canada to USA. What it means is you are here only temporarily. That is, once your US job is completed, you must leave. However, there are always ways of becoming a US citizen even if one is in USA only temporarily.

Online International Service can help you with all immigration needs no matter where you are. Now, Canada to US immigration has become easier with our service.

What many people do not realize is many visas can also be extended. For instance, H1B can be issued originally for three years. However, it can be extended for another three years. In another words, one can stay for a maximum period of six years in USA with worrying about US immigration laws.

As it was previously mentioned, H1B is not the only work visa. For instance, if you work for international company, you can be transferred from one branch office in Canada to the one in USA. This work visa is called L.

There are quite a few Canadians who invest heavily in US economy. If you are coming to the United States to invest, then you might be able to qualify for E visa. Our company can determine if you meet all qualifications for E visa. This Canada to US immigration section cannot discuss all qualifications for this visa. However, it needs to be pointed out your investment in US economy has to be significant to allow you through.

For a very short business trips, B1 visa is avaialable. It makes it harder to get a B1 visa in these days as many people do not want to return home after getting this visa. Thus, there is a heavy burden on you to prove you will return to Canada after the purpose of your trip has been fulfilled.

Lastly, there are quite a few ways for Canadians to come to USA to work. There are also quite a few ways of one getting a green card. However, consultation with a US immigration visa attorney is always necessary to determine the right course of action to take in your circumstances.

Thus, our US immigration visa attorney is always here to serve you. We are only one phone call away and can be reached from any part of this world. Now, your Canada to US immigration process is now in your hands.

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