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US Immigration Attorneys and You

We do know turning to US immigration attorneys is no easy task. Choosing one can be daunting and time-consuming. Although there are some good lawyers out there, we have heard about problems clients face with some of them.

For instance, we know from our personal experiences some lawyers tend to "forget" their clients exist once they collect legal fees. This is an infortunate thing considering the fact that a client has paid. Another problem is that some legal professionals lack competence and experience in one area of law. The need to create "billable" hours often outweighs ethics.

We live in a very competitive environment where many professionals have to compete for clients. Many US immigration attorneys, particularly the ones who are in solo practice, need to extend their area of practice to other areas in order to make a decent living. This often translates into less competent service because they simply do not have time to devote to one area of practice the way we do.

Generally, we believe to practice immigration law, one needs to care deeply about people. It is a humane area of law. Otherwise, a US immigration attorney will not stay in this area of practice very long. If a person only wants to make money, than he or she is more likely to practice business or corporate law. We know this statement will "provoke" discussions.

How do you select legal professionals who will care for your needs?

We believe if you are doing business online with legal professionals, then choose a company that offers the most protection to you.

For instance, we agreed to abide by all Paypal's consumer protection policies when we use this company for collecting payments. This ensures you get what you paid for.

Also, look for a company or a law firm that "specializes" in your area of law. You see you cannot specialize in everything and develop adequate knowledge that will allow one to handle all legal problems. It is just not possible. Thus, look for a US attorney who specializes only in area of law where you need help.

Another concern you might have is whether legal professionals can render a good legal service to clients who live abroad or not. You see almost every US immigration attorney we know of feels comfortable to deal with clients who reside where they are. In fact, some of them will not take clients who live in a different area of the same country.

Our company has dealt with clients as far as the former Soviet Union and as close as Canada.

Lastly, will the lawyer address your subsequent concerns after he or she renders a legal service? Legal professionals are busy people. However, they should find time to communicate with past clients if they have some concern. Many clients often talk more to the secretary and the answering machine than they do to the attorney.

Our company has the most efficient e-support. This way, you will not even have to talk to the secretary or leave a message on one's answering machine.

The choice is always yours when it comes to hiring a US immigration attorney. However, consider all the facts first!

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